Department of Organisational and Leadership Psychology

Department of Organisational and Leadership Psychology

Introduction of the Department of Organisational and Leadership Psychology

Our department has been established in 2011. It has a very special profile, as it connects areas as organisational, leadership, economic, personnel, work psychology and ergonomics. Thus, it provides unique opportunities for accomplishment of interesting projects, research and fieldworks as well. The main focuses of our activities are:

  • understanding behavioral and communicational characteristics of individuals (leaders, employers and employees), groups and organisations;
  • professionally correct interpretation of psychological reactions of all actors in organisations;
  • facilitating their successful adaptation to the environmental, economical, social, cultural etc. changes.

Some of our research deal with the psychological issues of decision making and with the psychology of economic behaviour (e.g. investment, tax payment, business, consumption etc.). Others are focusing on more specific organisational issues as leadership, decisions related to human resource issues; organisational culture, organisational changes and development, health programmes in organisations etc.

For achieving this goals our department builds rich partnerships with national and multinational companies and universities which offer us possibilities for extensive research and practical fieldworks.

Head of Department of Organisational and Leadership Psychology
Orhidea Edith Kiss PhD.

Marcell Gábor Fehér

ELTE Faculty of Education and Psychology
Izabella u. 46, H-1064
Budapest, Hungary
Room IZU 318