Course descriptions MA

Psychology MA 2018-

Common Studies of Common Fields

PSYM17-101 Developmental Psychology

PSYM17-102 Cognitive Psychology

PSYM17-103 Personality Psychology

PSYM17-104 Social Psychology

PSYM17-105 General Research Methods and Multivariate Statistics

PSYM17-106 Professional Issues and Ethical Problems in Psychology

PSYM17-107 Field-Specific Communicational Skills Training

PSYM17-108 Multivariate Statistics Practical

Programme Modules

Clinical and Health Psychology Specialisation

PSYM17-CH-101 Basic Skills of Clinical Psychology and Counselling 

PSYM17-CH-102 Psychopathology

PSYM17-CH-103 Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

PSYM17-CH-104 Health Psychology

PSYM17-CH-105 Health Psychophysiology and Psychoneuroimmunology

PSYM17-CH-106 Drugs and Behaviour

PSYM17-CH-107 Research Methods in Clinical and Health Psychology

PSYM17-CH-108 Clinical Health Psychology

PSYM17-CH-109 Neuropsychology

PSYM17-CH-110 Psychodiagnostics and Clinical Case Presentation 1

PSYM17-CH-111 Psychodiagnostics and Clinical Case Presentation 2

PSYM17-CH-112 Methods of Psychoeducation and Motivational Interviewing

PSYM17-CH-113 Clinical Application of Positive Psychology

PSYM17-CH-114 Optional Courses in Clinical and Health Psychology

PSYM17-CH-115 Theories of Psychotherapy and Psychological Interventions

PSYM17-CH-116 Continuous Field-work in Clinical Psychology

PSYM17-CH-117 Continuous Field-work in Health Psychology

Developmental and Clinical Child Psychology Specialisation

PSYM17-DC-201_Development and mental health in infancy and early childhood I.

PSYM17-DC-202_Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

PSYM17-DC-203_Development and mental health in infancy and early childhood II.

PSYM17-DC-204_Biological_foundations of psychology

PSYM17-DC-205_Special features of the socialization in the family

PSYM17-DC-206_ Research and research methods 1.

PSYM17-DC-207_Special course


PSYM17-DC-209_Child and adolescent assessment

PSYM17-DC-210_ Research and research methods 2.

PSYM17-DC-211_Continuous Field-work in Clinical Psychology_1

PSYM17-DC-212_Interventions for child and adolescent mental disorders

PSYM17-DC-213_Continuous Field-work in Clinical Psychology_2.

PSYM17-DC-214_Continuous Field-work in Clinical Psychology_3