BA Diploma Grade

Arithmetic average of the following 6 grades (all grades are given equal weight):

  • the  thesis grade  (average of the grades of the full research work and  the oral presentation)
  • grades for the 4 comprehensive exams,
  • the grade for the self-reflection.

According to the Academic Regulations for Students: 

"Section 84
(6) The diploma is classified according to its average down to two decimals:–outstanding (5), if the average is 5.00,−excellent (5), if the average is 4.51–4.99,−good (4), if the average is 3.51–4.50,−satisfactory (3), if the average is 2.51–3.50,−pass (2), if the average is 2.00–2.50.
(9) Unlike the classifications under paragraph (6), a graduate receives an honours degree if he/she achieved an average of 5.0 on the final exam, his/her thesis and all her teaching/practice exams were awarded with an excellent grade, all his/her exams and practice grades come in at an  average  of  at  least  4.51,  and  has  not  received  a  grade  worse  than  good.  In  the  case  of  a remedial exam, the original grade must be ignored."