Psychophysiology of Trauma and Pain Research Group

The research group is committed to exploring the intricate interplay between the body and mind amidst challenging life circumstances and resilience. Our focus involves conducting diverse psychophysiological studies aimed at unraveling the impact of traumatic experiences on the human body and elucidating potential pathomechanisms associated with chronic diseases or complex symptomatology. Additionally, we delve into research areas encompassing adverse life events such as perfectionism, emotion regulation, cognitive tests, and the potential applications of neurotechnological innovations. Employing an interdisciplinary approach, our research group integrates expertise from psychology, medicine, psychophysiology, educational science, and neurotechnology.


Kristóf Schwartz Head Of Research Group, Assistant Professor


Adél Bartos Research Group Member, PhD student
Dóra Egri Research Group Member, Student
Anna Lobko Research Group Member, Student
Mustafa Yildirim Research Group Member, Student
Barbara Naor External Member