Psychophysiology of Physical Sensations and Emotions Research Group

The focus of our research is on bodily sensations and their perception (interoception) and emotions; and the psychophysiological and psychological processes associated with them. We investigate bodily sensations with behavioral tasks, focusing on either elementary events (e.g. heartbeat, perception of stomach distress, EEG) or complex phenomena (e.g. emotion elicitation, stressful situations). In addition, we also investigate the perception of bodily sensations and emotions using questionnaires, focusing on the individual's own beliefs about their perceptual abilities.


Eszter Ferentzi Head Of Research Group, Assistant Professor


Zsuzsanna Dömötör Research Group Member, Assistant Professor
Orsolya Tünde Gátiné Drozdovszky Research Group Member, Assistant Professor
Ádám Koncz Research Group Member, Assistant Professor
János Körmendi Research Group Member, Lecturer
Lilla Sóvágó Research Group Member, PhD Student
Béla Bucsai External Member