Adaptation Research Gourp

While resilient individuals cope well with disturbances to successfully live up to expectations set by their new environment, others may struggle. Primary aim of our research group is to study resilience using an interdisciplinary research approach. Our project is funded by the Loránd Eötvös Research Network (project number: LP-2018-21/2018). In collaboration with the Obimon Systems Ltd. we employ novel methods from the field of information technology to measure key elements of resilience in kindergartens, schools, and universities. Using sensor data derived from children's movements for example during group play activities in real time allow us to portray social formation of the group. We develop training tools based on emotional arousal biofeedback to reduce stress and promote resilience. Our goal is to develop a novel framework of contributing factors to understand individual differences of resilience, with an insight to developmental differences.


Anna Veres-Székely Head Of Research Group, Professor
Phone/ext.: + (36-1) 461-2600 / 5692
Room: 516


Dorka Aschenbrenner Research Group Member, Student
Róbert Bizonics Research Group Member, PhD Student
Luca Csirmaz Research Group Member, PhD Student
Krisztián Kasos Research Group Member, Assistant Professor
Phone/ext.: + (36-1) 461-4500 / 5675
Room: 511
Nikoletta Magyar Research Group Member
Andrei Morales Research Group Member, PhD Student
Luca Moskovits Research Group Member, Student
Virág Scheller Research Group Member, PhD Student
Szabolcs Székely Research Group Member, Student
Eszter Vaszkunné Kótyuk Research Group Member, Habil. Associate Professor
Phone/ext.: + (36 1) 461-2600 / 5692
Room: 516