You must write and defend a thesis in order to complete your Master’s studies.


The thesis is a two-part professional piece of work on topics in your field of specialisation.

Research Part

  • scientific piece of work
  • should follow the general requirements of a scientific research and publication
  • completed individually, under the directions of a supervisor
  • should contribute to prior research in the given field of science


  • to demonstrate your proficiency and creativity within the relevant field
  • to research more extensively the chosen topic
  • to show that you are able to carry out a scientific research and publication while maintaining high professional standards


  • experiment, questionnaire, observation, case study, etc. based on an empirical research in a qualitative or quantitative approach
  • can be a meta-analysis, based on a systematic literature review

Applied Part

The focus and method of this part of the thesis is a result of the consultation with the supervisor.


  • to provide the opportunity to demonstrate practical proficiency in a given field of psychology
  • to demonstrate the ability to use skills in a practical issue


  • a case study
  • a description of a method implementation
  • experimental design implementation, etc.


  • choose a supervisor for each part of the thesis
  • the two parts may have different supervisors depending on their competence in the chosen topics
  • you must have at least three consultations with your supervisor, confirmed on the Confirmation of Consultation document (see below) attached to your thesis

A supervisor can be

  • an employee of the university
  • someone from outside (an associate professor or a professor OR if they don’t have the required degree you need a supervisor from the university too and you will work with both of them)

Good to know

  • a submitted thesis is worth 20 credits
  • ‘Thesis’ course: obligatory course in Neptun without classes, completed by submitting the thesis
  • evaluation of the Thesis course: average of the two grades received for the two parts of the thesis from the supervisor(s) - rounding is calculated according to the Academic Regulations of the university


Topic announcement

  • the title of both the research and the applied parts of your thesis
  • approved by your supervisor(s) and the head of the relevant department
  • 3 copies to the Student Affairs and Registrar’s Office
  • minor changes can be made after submission if they do not concern the essence of the thesis
  • form can be downloaded from below

Research part

  • 15th May of the 2nd semester – if graduation is planned in the Spring semester
  • 15th October of the 3rd semester – if graduation is planned in the Autumn semester

Applied part

The end (Friday) of the second week of tuition in the semester of the planned applied thesis submission

Thesis submission

Research part

  • 20th April if graduation is planned in the Spring semester 
  • 20th November if graduation is planned in the Autumn semester

Applied part

  • 15th May if graduation is planned in the Spring semester
  • 15th December if graduation is planned in the Autumn semester

If necessary, you can ask for encryption by submitting a request to the Academic Committee.

Submission requirements

  • Via Neptun
  • More information can find here


  • The research part of the thesis is evaluated by the supervisor, who is your first reviewer and a second reviewer who is competent in the topic. The two evaluations are presented in one grade (average).
  • The applied part is evaluated only by the supervisor. The evaluation is presented in one grade.
  • Evaluations should be available two weeks before the final exam.


  • you must present and defend both parts of your thesis during the final exam 
  • the two grades from the evaluations of the two parts and the defence grade will form your thesis grade
  • more details about the final exam and defence are available below and on our website here


Announcement of the Topic PSYMA Research from 2017

Announcement of the Topic PSYMA Applied part from 2017

A Manual on the Research Part of the PSYMA Thesis from 2017

A Manual on the Applied Part of the PSYMA Thesis from 2017

The procedure of the PSYMA thesis defence and preparation of topic elaboration from 2017

Guidelines for the construction of scientific publications

Declaration of originality

Confirmation of consultation


MA thesis topics list Research Part_Clinical and Health Psych_2023_24

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