Reserarch Field Practices (Former Research Papers)

Research Field Practices (Former Research Papers)


  1. You should
  • complete your work during the tuition period and
  • receive a grade (three scaled) - and evaluation for complete studies only - by the end of the first week of the exam period.
  1. You are

required to complete four Research Field Practice/Research Paper courses, one in each of the main fields:

  • Personality Psychology,
  • Social Psychology,
  • Developmental Psychology,
  • Cognitive/Affective Psychology.
  1. You will
  • receive a grade (three scaled) for all your completed Research Field Practices/Research Papers,
  • only get a written evaluation with a proposed grade for the full research papers / for the full study out of the four research field practices
  1. You might need
  • an ethical permission, please, contact your supervisor and for the details, please, see Ethics

If you started your study programme

  • before 2016:

Out of the four research papers, at least two should be a full research paper

  • in 2016:

Out of the four research papers, at least one should be a full research paper

  • in/after 2017:

You have four research field practice papers (one will be developed to a complete study as your thesis work within the Thesis Seminar course in the last semester)

Manuals – for research field practices/research papers and thesis (portfolio):