Course descriptions BA

Psychology BA 2017-2018

PSYB17-101 History of Philosophy and Psychology

PSYB17-102 Study and Communication Skills

PSYB17-103 Introduction to Psychology

PSYB17-104 Basics of Research Methods

PSYB17-105 Physiology and Anatomy 1.

PSYB17-106 Physiology and Anatomy Practical

PSYB17-107 Physiology and Anatomy 2.

PSYB17-108 Evolutionary Psychology and Behavioral Genetics

PSYB17-109 Culture and Society

PSYB17-110 Statistic

PSYB17-111 Cognitive Psychology 1.

PSYB17-112 Cognitive Psychology 2.

PSYB17-113 Affective Psychology

PSYB17-114 Research Field Practice in Cognitive-Affective Psychology

PSYB17-115 Comprehensive Exam in Cognitive_Affective Psychology

PSYB17-116 Personality Psychology I.

PSYB17-117 Personality Psychology 2.

PSYB17-118 Research Field Practice in Personality Psychology

PSYB17-119 Comprehensive Exam in Personality Psychology

PSYB17-120 Developmental Psychology 1.

PSYB17-121 Developmental Psychology 2.

PSYB17-122 Research Field Practice in Developmental Psychology

PSYB17-123 Comprehensive Exam in Developmental Psychology

PSYB17-124 Social Psychology 1.

PSYB17-125 Social Psychology 2.

PSYB17-126 Research Field Practice in Social Psychology

PSYB17-127 Comprehensive Exam in Social Psychology

PSYB17-128 Special Course in Applied Psychology

PSYB17-129 Psychological Ethics and Legal Issues

PSYB17-130 Introduction to Neuroscience

PSYB17-131_Research Methods Practical 1.

PSYB17-132 Research Methods Practical 2

PSYB17-133 Research Methods Practical 3.

PSYB17-134 Research Methods Practical 4.

PSYB17-135 Psychological Skill Training

PSYB17-136 Introduction to Bordering Sciences

PSYB17-137 Introduction to Adult and Child Clinical Psychology

PSYB17-138 Clinical Psychology Practical

PSYB17-139 Introduction to Health Psychology

PSYB17-140 Introduction to Educational Psychology

PSYB17-141 Introduction to Work- and Organisational Psychology

PSYB17-142 Introduction to Counselling Psychology

PSYB17-143 Thesis Seminar

PSYB17- SZD Thesis






Psychology BA 2019 -

PSYB19-101_Philosophy of Science and History of Psychology

PSYB19-102_Study and Communication Skills

PSYB19-103_Introduction to Psychology

PSYB19-104_Basics of Research Methods

PSYB19-105_Biological Psychology

PSYB19-106_Biological Psychology Practice

PSYB19-108_Evolutionary Psychology and Behavioral Genetics

PSYB19-109_Culture and Society

PSYB19-110_Data Analysis and Statistical Inference

PSYB19-111_Cognitive Psychology 1.

PSYB19-112_Cognitive Psychology 2.

PSYB19-113_Affective Psychology

PSYB19-114 Research Field Practice in Cognitive-Affective Psychology

PSYB19-115 Comprehensive Exam in Cognitive_Affective Psychology

PSYB19-116_Personality Psychology 1.

PSYB19-117_Personality Psychology 2.

PSYB19-118_Research Field Practice in Personality Psychology

PSYB19-119_Comprehensive Exam in Personality Psychology

PSYB19-120_Developmental Psychology 1.

PSYB19-121_Developmental Psychology 2.

PSYB19-122_Research Field Practice in Developmental Psychology

PSYB19-123_Comprehensive Exam in Developmental Psychology

PSYB19-124_Social Psychology 1.

PSYB19-125_Social Psychology 2.

PSYB19-126_Research Field Practice in Social Psychology

PSYB19-127_Comprehensive Exam in Social Psychology

PSYB19-128_Special Course in Applied Psychology

PSYB19-129_Psychological Ethics and Legal Issues

PSYB19-130_Introduction to Neuroscience

PSYB19-131_Research Methods Practical 1.

PSYB19-132_Research Methods Practical 2.

PSYB19-133_Research Methods Practical 3.

PSYB19-134_Research Methods Practical 4.

PSYB19-135_Psychological Skill Training

PSYB19-136_Introduction to Bordering Sciences

PSYB19-137_Introduction to Adult and Child Clinical Psychology

PSYB19-138_Clinical Psychology Practical

PSYB19-139_Introduction to Health Psychology

PSYB19-140_Introduction to Educational Psychology

PSYB19-141_Introduction to Work and Organisational Psychology

PSYB19-142_Introduction to Counselling Psychology

PSYB19-143_Thesis Seminar