Thesis Defence of Psychology BA Students

Thesis Defence of Psychology BA Students

(Upload the thesis and all additional documents as one compressed PDF file to the Neptun system in the manner specified in advance by the Student Affairs and Registrar’s Office)

  • Final examinations take place on the settled days, based on the student schedules. 
  • The graduate shall prepare a PowerPoint presentation for presenting
  • the complete study and
  • the self-reflection.

In the case of the complete study presentation as well as the self-reflection the duration shall not exceed 5 minutes and 2 minutes.

  • On the day the graduate is scheduled for the final exam they should present the complete study for approximately 5 minutes and the self-reflection for approximately 2 minutes as well, and they should reflect on questions asked by the committee regarding the complete study for approximately 5 minutes.
  • It is critical that the graduate is available onsite 15 minutes before when they are scheduled for.

The defence can be evaluated according to the following criteria:


1. Style and language of the presentation: the style and language of the presentation is clear, the use of professional terminology is adequate.

2. Structure, organisation, timing of the presentation: well-structured content, the presentation reflects the structure of the contents. Each segment is of an appropriate length. The figures, diagrams, and tables support the text/understanding the text /illustrate the results well. Keeping time constraints and allocating time are achieved and are optimal.

3. The content and academic quality of the presentation:  Conceptualisation of the constructs used in the questions and hypotheses researched, as well as the research goals are clear. Research hypotheses, questions/the central topics are precisely defined. Research design, sampling, selection of the tools and methods and their presentation are up to scientific standards. The most important results are highlighted. Provides and references outlooks and limitations.

4. Debate skills of the presenter: The student reflects on the factors, questions, comments posed in the critiques in a professional manner.



1. Reflection on the impact of the entire programme on their professional development: In the self-reflection, the student should evaluate their professional development, strengths, skills to be improved, and possible weaknesses, as well as professional challenges in light of the entire programme.

2. Reflection of their own preparedness for research: The self-reflection should detail the self-assessment of individual research projects as well as a broader one connecting individual research projects.

Relevant documents and sources:

BA final exam date: 23 June 2023