Adaptation Research Group

Starting preschool, school, or university is a challenge for everyone. While resilient individuals cope well with disturbances to successfully live up to expectations set by their new environment, others may struggle. Primary aim of our research group is to study resilience using an interdisciplinary research approach, implementing multiple levels of analysis perspectives based on genetic, developmental, physiological, demographic, cultural, economic and social variables. We employ novel methods from the field of information technology to measure key elements of resilience (e.g. we will use detailed analysis of movement in real time as a sociometric tool). Our goal is to develop a novel framework of innate and situational factors to understand individual differences of resilience, with an insight to developmental differences. We implement various types of interventions to promote successful adaptation, and prove their usefulness based on cortisol-level and psychophysiological measures. By merging novel methods and knowledge accumulated within this project, we envision to build prototypes of novel information-technology-based systems to provide seamless and instant feedback on individual changes on key elements of adjustment to caregivers, alongside effective intervention techniques utilizing biofeedback to promote resilience.